Fixing “Word Found Unreadable Content...” Error

Are you encountering an error message while trying to open your MS Word document? Or is your Word document displaying the data in an unreadable format? If the answer for either of the questions is 'Yes', then in most cases your document is corrupted. Few common reasons for Word document (.doc or .docx) corruption are improper system shutdown while the document is opened, application malfunction, and virus attack. To access the data saved in the Word document post its corruption, an ideal way is to restore the document from an updated backup. However, if backup file of the Word document is corrupt, then you need to repair the corrupt Word document. To systematically do so, you need to opt for an advanced Word Repair application.

To elaborate the above case, consider a practical situation wherein you encounter the below error message while trying to open a Word document:

“The Office Open XML file Normal cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents.”

Normal is the name of the document that you want to open.

Further, when you click on OK button, you encounter another error message:

“Word found unreadable content in Normal. Do you want to recover the contents of this document? If you trust the source of this document, click Yes.”

The document 'Normal' becomes unreadable after the above error message appears.

The main cause for the above error message is corruption of 'Normal' file.

To isolate the above error message and to access the data saved in 'Normal' file:
  • Use 'Open and Repair' feature to repair the document. To do so, click File, then click Open. Choose the file that you wish to repair and click on 'Open and Repair'.
  • If the problem persists, then restore the data from an updated backup.
  • In case of no backup, you can Repair Word File using a commercial software.
Such repair tools can Repair Word File after any logical crash. These tools are easy to understand and do not require any former technical understanding.

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