Updated Word Repair Software with Excellent Features

Word recovery Software is an advanced tool to repair and recover damaged Word files. All the errors developed due to virus infection, storage media corruption, power fluctuation, etc. are eliminated. This eminent software provides option for multiple selection of word files for repairing. This option is of great help in case you have lots of damaged word files.

Original format of the documents are preserved after repair. All the style, font, font type, charts, images, etc. are restored back. Advanced mode of recovery is provided to repair extensive damage to the files. Three saving options are also provided – Full, Filtered and Raw. Full document preserves all the text and formats of the original file. Whereas Filtered version contains only the text and Raw form of the document has machine level format.

Features List of Word Recovery Software

Fast and Easy Repair of Word File(s)
You can again start working on your Word file in few minutes. The Recovery Software quickly repairs the damages in your .doc or .docx documents. All the text, format, style, tables, lists, chart, inserted images, hyperlinks, header, footer, page numbering scheme, etc. are preserved after recovery.

Search All the Word Files at a Specific Location
You can conduct a search operation for all the .doc and .docx files by using Word repair software. You can specify a folder or drive name that will be scanned to find the word files. Search results are shown as a list with file name, file size, creation and modification date as list columns. You can select the required files in the list to scan and repair.

Take a Full Glance of the Damaged Document
Recovery software for Word provides full preview of the Word file after scan process is completed. Three preview options – Full document, Filtered text and Raw text are embedded in the software. Click ‘Full Document’ button to view the document with the original style and format. Use the ‘Filtered Text’ to view only texts and ‘Raw Text’ option for machine readable form of the document.

Recovery of Critically Damaged .doc Word Documents
Even the severe damages surrender to this recovery software. If you are not able to recover your Word file by Normal Recovery option, use Advance Recovery option. It repairs Word documents with higher degree of corruption. Advance recovery is only possible for documents with .doc extension.

Can Save Data in Full, Filtered or Raw Form
You can save data in three formats. Full document form can be used to save the repaired document with all the text, images, formats, built charts, and other formats. Filtered text format can be chosen if only the text is required. Raw text is in machine readable form.

Supports to all MS Word versions files and compatible with Windows 7/8
Word Recovery supports the documents made in previous as well as latest version of MS Office; MS Office 2013. Docx file format created in MS Office 2010/2013 can be easily repaired using this restore tool. Not only latest version of MS Office, but also latest version of Windows (Windows 8) is supported by the Word Repair Software.

Word File Corruption Post Editing In Hex-Editor

A binary file editor (hex-editor) is a program used by computer professionals to edit binary data files, complicated programs, file system structures, and raw disk partitions. The binary data of the file is presented in the hexadecimal values and can be deleted or modified as per your requirement. While these editors can be used to resolve problems, they can also be used by malicious users to corrupt your critical MS Word documents (doc or docx file). In such situations, the data saved in these documents becomes unreadable and the data saved in the documents becomes inaccessible. For accessing MS Word files after their corruption, an ideal way is to restore them from an updated backup. But, if no backup of the document is available, then you need to use an effective third-party Word Repair application.

To illustrate the above case, consider a practical scenario where a malicious user accessed doc file saved on the network and opened it in hex-editor. This person made some changes and saved the changed file on the network. Now, when you attempt to access the document, it displays an error message and does not open. The error message appears every time you try to access that document, leading to inaccessibility of data saved in that document.


The root cause for the error message is corruption of Word document. Corruption occurred because the malicious user modified some of the important header values of your Word document.


To get past the above error message and to access Word document:

* Use a valid backup of that document and perform restoration.
* In case backup is deficient or unavailable, then use 'Open and Repair' utility to repair the document.
* If the repair utility falls short in repairing the corrupted document, then use a commercial Word Recovery utility to perform the task.

Such repair applications Repair Word File after they have become corrupted due to any logical crash. These tool ensure that all the objects in the document are repaired safely. The user has the option to save the repaired document at required location.

Fixing “Word Found Unreadable Content...” Error

Are you encountering an error message while trying to open your MS Word document? Or is your Word document displaying the data in an unreadable format? If the answer for either of the questions is 'Yes', then in most cases your document is corrupted. Few common reasons for Word document (.doc or .docx) corruption are improper system shutdown while the document is opened, application malfunction, and virus attack. To access the data saved in the Word document post its corruption, an ideal way is to restore the document from an updated backup. However, if backup file of the Word document is corrupt, then you need to repair the corrupt Word document. To systematically do so, you need to opt for an advanced Word Repair application.

To elaborate the above case, consider a practical situation wherein you encounter the below error message while trying to open a Word document:

“The Office Open XML file Normal cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents.”

Normal is the name of the document that you want to open.

Further, when you click on OK button, you encounter another error message:

“Word found unreadable content in Normal. Do you want to recover the contents of this document? If you trust the source of this document, click Yes.”

The document 'Normal' becomes unreadable after the above error message appears.

The main cause for the above error message is corruption of 'Normal' file.

To isolate the above error message and to access the data saved in 'Normal' file:
  • Use 'Open and Repair' feature to repair the document. To do so, click File, then click Open. Choose the file that you wish to repair and click on 'Open and Repair'.
  • If the problem persists, then restore the data from an updated backup.
  • In case of no backup, you can Repair Word File using a commercial software.
Such repair tools can Repair Word File after any logical crash. These tools are easy to understand and do not require any former technical understanding.

How to Repair MS Word Documents Corrupted due to SCR Virus?

Virus infection is one of the most common reasons for corruption of Microsoft Word documents. These viruses are self-replicating programs that usually spread through an external drive and add their own extensions to the existing documents. Computer once infected from virus suffer from major data loss and file corruption in quite a short span of time. When it comes to corrupted Word documents, one can safely delete them provided a good backup of file(s) is available. But in other cases, solutions like, Word Repair utilities can help rescue lost information.

Let's exemplify such situations by a corresponding example. A particular MS Word user has some very important documents (in .doc or .docx format, depending on the MS Word file version) stored on the hard drive. He connects a virus infected USB to the computer and the virus starts spreading. After some time, user realizes that he cannot open few or all of his MS Word documents and observes the following symptoms:

The Word documents display as screensaver files with file extension- .scr instead of .doc or .docx
The file icons change


Your computer is infected from SCR virus that has corrupted your MS Word document(s).


These viruses are present in Windows main directory and can enter your computer via a screensaver file. So it is advised not to open any e-mail attachment or file that comes from an unreliable source that contains any screensaver file with .scr extension.

However, to troubleshoot the existing issue:

Install and run a powerful anti-virus software to scan your computer hard disk
Delete the corrupted Word document(s) and restore data from backup or recreate them
Use a third-party Word Fix utility to scan and repair the corrupted Word file(s)

A Word Recovery utility is effectively designed to scrutinize a corrupted or damaged document, irrespective of the cause, and return data in readable format. These software are easy to install and can be downloaded from Internet for a trial. With an interactive display, the software prove quite easy-to-use.

How to Solve when Microsoft Word Document Continuously repaginates?

Microsoft Word processing application features a background and automatic repagination feature to end and then start a page. This can repaginate a document on the basis of its margin size, page size, and few settings. At times, you observe a document repaginates on its own continuously. As a result, you get a document with increased number of pages. Continuous repagination usually indicates a corrupted document, which requires Word Repair solutions.

Suppose, a user creates a document with 'X' number of pages. After using the file for considerable time, suddenly one day, the user experiences that the document starts repaginating when the user scrolls down. The number of pages in the document increases to 10 to 20 times the original number, X.

As mentioned, regular repagination shows corruption of Word document.

To solve the problem, user can try turn off background repagination. For this, one needs to click 'Tools' | 'Options' | and select 'General' tab. User can then clear off the 'Background repagination' option. In Word 2007, user needs to first view the document in 'Draft' mode, click 'Office button' and then 'Word options'. Next, it can click 'Advanced' tab and clear the option in 'General'.

If the problem continues, a Word user should:
  • Open the corrupted document with 'Open and Repair' option
  • Insert or copy the problem document in a new document
  • Save the document in RTF format
  • Try to open the document with a different application
  • Restore the document from the last available backup
  • Use a third-party utility to Repair Word File
A word recovery software can scan the corrupted document using powerful scanning algorithms and restore its content safely. These utilities have interactive display that facilitates the recovery process easily and smoothly. You can use these products in any sort of document corruption problems. Also, these products are easy to install. With advanced features, the software are popular among Microsoft Word users.

“The disk is full or too many..” Error while saving the Word document

It is a known fact that no computer file is immune to corruption. The same is true for the documents created with MS Word. This can be reflected by the fact that sometimes on opening these documents, some strange characters are displayed or sometimes the documents do not even open. This may happen due to the presence of invalid or corrupt links in the document(s), which may further cause corruption in them. As a result of corruption, the data stored in the corrupted document(s) becomes inaccessible. In such situations, it is recommended to use a backup file to restore the data at the time of data loss. However, if you have not taken the backup of the document, or the backup file itself corrupts, then you should use an effective word repair software to retrieve the data from the corrupted Word document(s).

Suppose, you have just finished creating a Word document. After this, on trying to save this document, you receive the following error message:
“The disk is full or too many files are open. (C:\WINWORD\DOC1.DOC).”
When Word tries to perform an AutoSave operation, a similar error message appears:
“The disk is full or too many files are open. (C:\WINWORD\~WRANNNN.ASD).”
For troubleshooting these errors, when you run ScanDisk utility, another error message appears that states:
“ScanDisk cannot check the drive as it is not properly formatted or a utility has locked it, format the hard disk or wait for the utility to finish and re-run ScanDisk.”
After these error messages pop up, the document cannot be saved.


You encounter these errors, if the document contains invalid or corrupt links of other object types.


These invalid or corrupt links present in the document may corrupt the entire Word document. This is a disturbing situation for those who have stored their valuable information or data in the document, which is not accessible after document corruption. In these situations, it is highly recommended to use a word recovery software software that can Repair DOC File completely. The powerful scanning algorithms of these applications should scan and repair the corrupted Word document with ease. Restoration of the repaired Word document is done without any alterations in the original content. Also, you need not be technical savvy to use these applications.